Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Redmond McWilliams

Redmond McWilliams' response was to ignore the above notice, and set about blocking the account in which it was sent via Messenger. He continued to post abusively on open forums identifying Seán Manchester by name, and with complete disregard for any consequences.

The sample reproduced (above, right) is part of a barrage of pernicious comments and false allegations aimed at Seán Manchester that were initiated by Redmond McWilliams, who was joined by Stephen Leece, comprising in all three dozen outpourings of vitriol within one hour. Nobody else partook in the tirade. The most libellous content has obviously not been shown.


Two months later the usual culprits were making fools of themselves, as is their wont:

"I had not had any dealings with Kevin Crace (who made the 'I Am Not A Vampire' video featuring clips of Farrant some years back) prior to September 2018. Even so, I found him, certainly in this instance, to be perfectly reasonable. These people — Anthony Hogg, Redmond McWilliams, and their fellow trolls, all, needless to say, connected to those on the Left-hand Path  clearly have nothing better to do than seek out what they perceive to be stimuli for potential negativity aimed solely at myself. Moreover, these stalking trouble-makers will invariably invent negative material where it does not exist in order to sow and disseminate their animus and discord." Seán Manchester

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